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Indicators on Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale - Tri Color, Merle, Brown & You Need To Know

Bernedoodle and Mini Bernedoodles for SaleTiny Bernedoodle Breeder & Puppies for sale

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale Things To Know Before You Get This

This is a rare opportunity as we will not have more Mini's available until fall! Processing ... Reserve Now, Jodi & Almanzo's Litter of F1 Basic Bernedoodle Puppies, Click image to enlarge, Jodi Click image to increase the size of, Almonzo * Click any image to expand, Jaxson is one beautiful gentleman. His sweet and loving personality, along with his stunning coat, completes a bundle of love you will definitely not be sorry for bringing into your house! He is great with kids.

He learns extremely fast and has a character you can't assist but fall in love with! So Sweet, Outbound, Intelligent, Willing Student, and Totally Stunning! All predisposition aside, He is among the most amazing pups I've ever had the benefit of loving on. Matt. $3000Processing ... Reserve Now, Paris & Jasper's F1 Mini Bernedoodle Young puppy, Click image to increase the size of, Paris s, Click image to increase the size of, Jasper * Click any image to enlarge, Oh Valuable Devon! Words can't describe how incredible you are.

Pin on Puss & PoochMini Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale in PA - Whistle Hill Puppies

Please call or email with any questions!Click Here if you would like to place a deposit on an approaching litter ... Welcome to Michiana Bernedoodle Kennels. We specialize only in raising quality Bernedoodles & Bernese Mountain Dogs. We don't have any other breeds besides a few beagles which I have for my own enjoyment & love to competitors. If you're looking for the perfect buddy doga pet dog with charm, brains and personalityyou have actually concerned the best place. They provide some of the best characteristics of each type in a charming

, allergy-friendly package. We've worked progressively to establish a breeding program that focuses on excellent health, a calm temperament, excellent conformation and gorgeous coloring. Additional Info can state with confidence that all Michiana Bernedoodles are carefully and specifically bred, well-socialized, fun-loving household pets. As hybrids, they differ in size, color and coat type, and character. Your Michiana Bernedoodle will really be unique! I believe that the success of Michiana Kennels is based upon three crucial elements: I An innovative and extremely accurate reproducing program. Engaged, caring, & considerate customers, who provide caring houses to our pet dogs, use creative ideas, and support us and other animal owners. We are situated in Northern Indiana. Life Span ... By crossing the Bernese with the Poodle, it creates a much healthier, better pet dog

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